Students Disrupt Regents Meeting

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About 40 students disrupted today’s meeting of the University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents.

“You are not serving our best interests,” they chanted in unison. “We will stop your functioning.”

They noted that it may not be immediate but that they would one day halt the University System from its daily operations.

They started by coughing and then stood together. They repeated that several times until the coughing grew loud enough for regents Chairman Ben Tarbutton to stop the meeting and offered the group to appoint a spokesman to address the regents for five minutes.

Instead, the students delivered their message in a two-minute, call-and-response method. They said they were students from nearby Georgia State University and other schools and that they were upset about rising tuition and fees. They also blamed the regents for limits the General Assembly put on the HOPE Scholarship last year.

The protesters also complained that recent policies are reducing the number of blacks in public colleges and leading to the segregation of higher education.

Last, the shouted that the regents deserved a pay cut.

Since the regents aren’t paid, Tarbutton quipped, “Y’all can cut my pay all you want.”

The students finished and walked out of the room, several of them whistling while others waved and shouted goodbye to several regents by their first names.

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