Students, colleges would win with co-location of LSU-Alexandria and Central Louisiana Technical Community College

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With the coming of the new Central Louisiana Technical Community College, we should now take full advantage of the window of opportunity for the development of a comprehensive educational partnership between the two public higher education institutions in central Louisiana.

Louisiana State University at Alexandria and Central Louisiana Technical Community College should seize the moment to work together to offer broad educational options for Central Louisiana students that can and will better serve the workforce and career needs that are so vital to future economic develop across the region and across the state.

One of the most efficient pathways for CLTCC and LSUA to fulfill their respective missions is co-locating both higher education institutions on existing state property at LSUA. Co-location of the CLTCC facility at LSUA provides an opportunity for the two institutions to share resources and allows for better stewardship of the state’s limited tax dollars through the significant economy of scales that would result.

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