Student Sues Over Ouster After Post-Super Bowl Disturbance

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A University of Massachusetts Amherst student expelled two days after he was arrested in a rowdy post-Super Bowl disturbance on campus is challenging his expulsion in federal court.

Cullen Roe argues in a complaint filed in US District Court in Springfield that the university and its officials made an “arbitrary, unfair, intimidating, wrongful, and unlawful decision to summarily expel a student who poses no imminent threat to anyone.’’

The lawsuit said, among other things, that the university violated Roe’s rights under state and federal law. The suit also asked a judge to order the university to lift the expulsion, pay Roe compensatory damages, and pay his lawyer’s fees.

Ed Blaguszewski, a UMass spokesman, said that any time a student is arrested, the information is forwarded to the dean of students, and the case is reviewed to see if it warrants any sanctions. He said the cases from the post-Super Bowl disturbance “have gone before the dean, and she has reviewed the cases and taken appropriate action.’’

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