Student loan provider Sallie Mae splits into two companies

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Sallie Mae plans to split into two separate, publicly traded companies. The student loan giant also appointed John Remondi as CEO.

Sallie Mae, formally named SLM Corp., said last week that the two separate companies – an education loan management business and a consumer banking business – would help unlock value and boost its long-term growth potential.

The education loan management business would include the company’s portfolios of federally guaranteed and private education loans, as well as most related servicing and collection activities. Remondi will continue as its CEO. The principal assets of the business are likely to include approximately $118.1 billion in federally guaranteed loans, $31.6 billion in private education loans, $7.9 billion of other interest-earning assets; and a loan servicing business with about 10 million student loan customers. This includes 4.8 million customer accounts serviced under Sallie Mae’s contract with the U.S. Department of Education.

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