Student Accused of Invasion of Privacy at Princeton

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A Princeton University student has been charged with invasion of privacy after a fellow student accused him of taking sexually explicit photographs of him while he slept.

The student who was charged, Richard C. Tuckwell, surrendered to the police on Friday and was released without bail, the Princeton Borough Police said.

According to the police, the two students were already acquainted when they ran into each other on Sept. 16, during what is known at Princeton as Lawn Party weekend. The two were in a room in 1939 Hall, the dormitory where one of them lived, when the victim, who had been drinking, fell asleep, said Capt. Nicholas K. Sutter.

“During the time in the room, while the victim was asleep, the accused took explicit photos of the victim without the victim’s consent,” Captain Sutter said. “He awoke at some point during the incident to the accused on top of him holding the camera.”

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