Stress Season For Students: U Of North Dakota Steers Students From Coping With Finals Through Alcohol, Drugs

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As the pressure of final exams heats up at UND, university officials fear some students may turn to alcohol and other substances they believe will help them cope with stress.

Alcohol is seen as a means of “celebration,” said Becky Lamboley, assistant director of health and wellness education at UND. “Students think, ‘I made it through.’ It’s a ‘work hard, party hard’ mentality.”

Campus-wide surveys done annually show about half of students have binged on alcohol, about a quarter have smoked pot and small number have abused prescription drugs. The surveys also show a general decline in risky behaviors that can be linked to peer education and health promotion efforts.

The majority of students use healthy coping mechanisms, such as working out at the UND Wellness Center, said Jim Murphy, a licensed addiction counselor at University Counseling Center.

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