Stop the administration attack on UM

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The University of Montana is edging ever closer to financial and academic meltdown. The wall of silence around what is really happening at UM resembles the plywood fence around an urban construction site. A passerby can only guess at whether they are walking past a demolition or the beginnings of a brand new building.

Merely a month after receiving significant salary increases from the Montana University System, UM’s top administrators are preparing themselves for a devastating assault on the university’s academic programs. Chipping away at the foundation of a building will eventually cause it to collapse. Repeated attacks on the curriculum and academic programs undermine the very foundation and purpose of a university.

Unfortunately, however, such an approach appears to be the crisis management tool most favored by the current administration. The principal target of this latest attack is the College of Arts and Sciences, the largest academic entity on the UM campus. This is not the first time that the current administration has targeted existing courses and faculty positions in an effort to remedy the effects of its own poor decisions. This time, however, the tactics of the UM administration have changed.

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