State, UMass Plan Ocean Research Lab In Gloucester

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Think Woods Hole or Monterey Bay, and then travel to a six-acre spit of rock that looks out on Hodgkins Cove and Ipswich Bay. State officials and scientists say the quiet, picture-perfect waterfront site in Gloucester will be the ideal location for scientists to conduct breakthrough world oceanic research.

Last week, the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the state’s Division of Marine Fisheries announced that it had spent $400,000 to open a shared marine science research center at Hodgkins Cove.

The money went toward renovating a 3,200-square-foot building that had served as a marine science research lab run by UMass from 1979 to 2007.

The newly renovated site will house the UMass Large Pelagics Research Center - which focuses on tracking bluefin tuna and leatherback turtles. Scientists from the Division of Marines Fisheries also plan to establish an aquaculture center on the bay to study lobster growth rates and mating behavior.

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