State Tuition In Conn. Increases Possible, Maybe Even Double Digits

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State budget cuts and declining or stagnating enrollment in the state university and community colleges could mean a tuition and fee increase that could be as high as 12 percent under one scenario.

Lewis J. Robinson Jr., chairman of the state's Board of Regents for Higher Education, said the recent $14.4 million budget cut and a looming state budget gap of more than $1 billion made discussion of fee increases for the fall semester necessary. "It would only make sense in terms of our fiduciary duty … that we would be thinking about various scenarios," he said.

The assumption is that "with a deficit this large, we may well be asked to give up more money … We know this will have a negative impact on plans and services. We have to figure out how we can minimize any negative impact, including the amount of tuition increase that's necessary," Robinson said.

The fee increase options ranged from a few percentage points to 12.4 percent.

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