State Supreme Court Reverses Trial Judge, Says State Can Sue For Defects At UConn Law Library

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The state Supreme Court on Friday reversed a Superior Court judge's decision that prevented the state from suing the contractors and designers who built the leaky University of Connecticut law school library.

The high court ordered the case back to a trial court, where the state can pursue its claims against 28 defendants.

The $23 million Gothic Revival library, completed in 1996, had an unstable, leaking, granite façade, university officials said. The state sued the builders and designers in 2008. The state spent more than $15 million to repair what it termed "water intrusion."

The state waited 12 years to sue over the defects, and Superior Court Judge William T. Cremins in 2009 ruled that the state was bound by a six-year statute of limitations and threw the case out.

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