State Rep. Rogers: Penalize University of Michigan on Stem Cell Reporting

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Saying University of Michigan officials "basically thumb their nose" at an embryonic stem cell research reporting requirement, state Rep. Bill Rogers insists the university should be penalized for doing so.

Rogers, R-Genoa Township, said U-M failed to provide basic data on stem cell research required in last year's state budget. The budget set a Dec. 1 deadline for the information. Rogers chairs the state House's K-12 budget and Department of Education budget subcommittees.

He said he supports a proposal to dock U-M's state funding 1 percent if it fails to provide what he said is missing data in last year's report. The penalty is being discussed for the higher-education budget that takes effect Oct. 1.

"The principle is that as a legislative body, we are only as good as the information we can attain. They basically thumb their nose at the (Legislature)," Rogers said.

"They want to be autonomous, but they still want state taxpayer money. That is where I think a lot of this debate occurs," he added.

U-M officials said the university provided voluminous information on time it felt met the reporting requirement. The materials included research and journal articles and press releases, U-M spokesman Rick Fitzgerald said.

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