State’s Higher-Ed Institutions Face Postrecession Challenges, Chancellor Says

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As Nevada recovers from the Great Recession, state leaders must begin reinvesting in its higher education system to produce a better-qualified workforce for a more diverse economy.

That's according to Nevada's higher education chancellor, Dan Klaich, who addressed challenges facing the university system in a wide-ranging conversation this week with the Sun editorial board.

The recession has forced brutal cuts to the state's seven public colleges and universities, forcing school leaders to become more thoughtful about their course offerings, Klaich said. The downturn has taught institutions to become more efficient, eliminating high-cost, low-yield programs while trying to assure the quality of education, he said.

"We're changing, and we're changing for the better," Klaich said. "(The recession) has left us with some smaller, narrower institutions, but I think they're stronger institutions."

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