Start-up matches students and colleges more effectively in the recruiting process

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San Jose based start-up launched last weekend matching students to colleges using predictive analytic algorithms.

Already, over 100 Colleges have signed on and over 28,000 students went through the initial Alpha launch and have been matched to a Career then to a Major and then to Colleges that prepare students for those careers.

Founder Wayne Sharp, a Teen expert and highly-qualified youth mentor says – “What sets Zimron apart from all the other online College matching resources is our site psychometrically matches teens personalities to the Universities and other Post Secondary Institutions, giving teens a realistic look into their collegiate or career aspirations.”

Recently at the NACAC conference in Toronto, Zimron’s attendee’s witnessed first hand the almost desperate need to find targeted and more effective ways to recruit students.

Zimron understands that recruiting students is getting harder by the day, the cost can get as high as $13K per student, that there is massive competition between Post-secondary schools, Online Institutions, International Higher Education programs, etc. and that budgets are shrinking.

The best that Colleges are getting is 2% enrollments from data-mining and very little knowledge about potential students.

“To get ready for this new release, we worked with colleges who are equally eager to ensure that they get connected with the right students. The competition for students at a time of shrinking enrollments and increasing drop out rates is so high, that it isn’t enough to just identify students who have the academic scores to qualify for admission,” says Sharp.

“Colleges need to know that they are attracting and admitting students who have the personalities and interests which will make them thrive – and graduate – at the school.”

It isn’t just the unknown schools that need better quality leads on potential students who will be a fit for their school. A top student with a computer science bent might well consider Stanford, Berkeley, Carnegie-Mellon or MIT. Each one of these schools wants to be the first to discover and woo such students. “Early matches can help colleges get the jump on their competition.” Sharp explains.

The Alliance for Excellent Education says that in the next decade 13 million students will drop out of school, costing the nation more than $3 trillion.

“If the US can halve the College Drop-out rate, it adds $100 Billion annually to the GDP” says Sharp, “this is just one of our many goals!”

According to a new report and scorecard from the Council on Foreign Relations' Renewing America’s initiative, “The United States has slipped ten spots in both high school and college graduation rates over the past three decades”.

Eventually, Zimron will provide the world's 1.2 Billion Teens (13-19) roadmaps and tools to graduation and life beyond.

For those in Higher Ed that would like to know more, contact Zimron at

About Zimron – based in San Jose, CA, Zimron is a teen and collegiate personal and professional development resource engine that incorporates a bit of the global citizenry agenda, and is designed and enabled on web and mobile platforms with integrated social media support. Zimron greatly assists Teens by providing tools and resources in Careers/Finance/Health/Cultures/etc. The site will be available online, on tablets and Mobile.