St. Scholastica Aims To Reach Return Adult Students By Counting Free Online Coursework Toward Degree

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Students at the College of St. Scholastica can now apply education from free online courses toward completion of their college degrees, with the potential of saving thousands of dollars.

Scholastica’s new pilot program, CSS Complete, gives credit for off-campus learning such as military service, volunteer experience or work history — as it has in previous nontraditional learning programs. But it also now offers credit for the big, new thing in higher education: massive open online courses, or MOOCs.

“It could provide a less expensive way to get a degree,” said Larry Goodwin, president of the college. “This is potentially a great new development in higher education, and we want to be a player in it. Increasingly, learning is necessary across the lifespan.”

As an illustration, Goodwin said this is the first year the five St. Scholastica campuses combined have more nontraditional students than traditional.

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