St. John's Opens 30th Croquet Meet With New Fight Song

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If Notre Dame or Michigan decided to change their school fight songs, the moves would likely spark objections from students, alumni and faculty.

At St. John's College, however, it's a bit different. On April 28, at its 30th annual croquet match against the U.S. Naval Academy, the school planned to introduce a new fight song. And it appears people on the college's Annapolis campus don't seem to mind.

That's partly because few can recall the current fight song.

"I don't know if any students at the school know what our current official song is," said student John Fleming of Gaithersburg, an imperial wicket (or a captain) on the croquet team. He added, "We just have a general repertoire from the freshman chorus that we have to do, so there are random ones that catch on from their particular year that everyone remembers."

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