Sprint joins University of Notre Dame for groundbreaking, three-year study on students? wireless and social networking habits

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The comments and questions have been floating about for years:

“Kids these days don’t talk anymore. They only text.”

“Don’t college kids have any shame? They’ll spill their guts on Facebook before talking to a real-live person.”

Are these claims true? Or does mobile technology actually help students learn to better express themselves and ultimately enhance their face-to-face interactions?

Such questions will be studied and answered during a pioneering, three-year study by The Wireless Institute, the University of Notre Dame’s preeminent research center aimed at developing innovations and educating students in wireless technology, economics and regulatory policy. Sprint (NYSE: S) will help The Wireless Institute by offering 200 devices and two years of service for the students who volunteer for the study, funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

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