Spectrum announces new partnership with Southwestern College

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Southwestern College has chosen Spectrum to implement a fully automated admissions marketing program with integrated CRM and automated print fulfillment.

“The ease of using the system is unbelievable.The Spectrum program is easy for the admission recruiters to use and provides the recruiters immediate information about their recruits. Now, they respond with much less effort, which allows meaningful contact to be made with many more leads. Being able to track our recruits’ activities allows us to be very specific in a response.

Working with the design team at Spectrum allows our Communications/Marketing department to feel secure in knowing that whatever Spectrum produces for SC, it has our unique look and feel,” says Marla Sexson, Vice President for Enrollment Management at Southwestern College.

Southwestern College offers a premier education in the midwest region and carries a reputation for outstanding faculty interaction with undergraduate students. For 130 years, Southwestern has drawn exceptional students to its campus in Winfield, Kansas, and continues to evolve with cutting-edge programming and innovative service learning programs.

Scott Mallen, President of Spectrum, states, “Southwestern College has one of the most talented and dedicated teams of admissions professionals Spectrum has had the opportunity to work with, and with their new ability to automate and track a large pool of prospective students, we expect remarkable results for this top-notch learning facility.”