Southern Utah U Police Cite Plagiarism Whistle-Blower For Theft

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Southern Utah University police have cited a former English as a Second Language instructor for theft after she gave plagiarized student papers to administrators and the news media.

Belinda Frost claims she is being falsely accused of stealing the papers. She said she found them on her own shelf, placed there by someone else, in the office she shared with a dozen other part-time English as a Second Language (ESL) instructors. The papers contained unattributed content from Internet sources such as Wikipedia and bore passing grades.

Frost said the theft charge, along with an order to stay off campus, delivered to her home Monday seems like payback for speaking out against what she believes are the ESL program’s poor standards.

"This is such bad PR [public relations]. You’re going after the whistle-blower. What was going on is so unfair to those kids," said Frost, who resigned Nov. 14 and emailed the papers to her dean, Mark Atkinson.

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