South Florida based Key College offers court reporting program online to students nationwide

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Key College now offers students nationwide an outstanding program that can lead to positions in Communications Reporting, Judicial, Closed-Captioning Cyber- Conferencing, CART and Web Casting online. Key College is one of the finest NCRA approved Court Reporting Programs in South Florida. Over the past 6 years, Key College has a history of 100% job placement for their Court Reporting graduates and continues to excel in job placement throughout the United States.

Key College’s Communications Reporting Program is a complete online, 21-month course that consists of 119-quarter credit hours. Since the course is completely online, students must be proficient in English, Computers, and Typing. In order to ensure students are capable of completing the online program, Key College tests students prior to enrollment and interviews them to determine strong interest in reporting. Scholarships can be awarded to students based upon a strong interest and commitment.

All Court Reporting instructors are Certified Instructors in Court reporting. Some instructors teach in related subjects such as Legal & Medical Terminology, proofreading, C.R. English, Court Room Procedures, and 2-4 Voice and Computer related training. Online instructor, Debra Hill, CRI states, “Court Reporting is not for everyone but it can be a tremendous profession for the committed student.” Marella Dooley, lead professor at Key College, says "If a student brings their strong interest to us-we can get them there.”

Debra Hill was honored as “Teacher of the Year Award,” and Marella Dooley was awarded “Who’s who Among Americas Teachers” twice in the last 7 years.


Key College provides high quality “practitioner-oriented” programs of study driven by the most current needs of business and industry professionals including, real-time Court/Communications Reporting, Paralegal Studies, Medical Assistant Specialist (Administrative or Clinical).

We invite you to research our fine institution and our programs of study. You will find our commitment to our students to be our highest priority. The programs of study are in high-demand fields that offer our Graduates excellent career opportunities. Key College is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) and is licensed by Commission for Independent Education (CIE).