Some U of Colorado Freshmen Look To Websites To Find Roommate Matches

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Ideally, Saleh Altamimi said his dorm roommate this fall will share some of his interests -- perhaps sports, world travel, or even more specifically, Japanese culture.

(After all, Altamimi said he'll be bringing his bamboo Kendo swords to his yet-to-be-assigned dorm room on the University of Colorado campus).

But, ultimately, like most incoming freshmen, he's leaving it to CU to match him with a roommate.

Housing officials on the Boulder campus match freshmen based on a set of a half dozen lifestyle questions, which include sleep habits, study approaches and whether they smoke. Now, some students who insist on finding their own roommates -- many of whom have been perusing Facebook profiles -- have the added option of using websites that match students using an even more extensive lifestyle survey.

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