Solar Panel Installation On University Of Michigan Property Off Plymouth Road Irks Nearby Residents

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Hundreds of solar panels installed on University of Michigan property on Plymouth Road in northeast Ann Arbor have upset residents who say the array is an eyesore and are frustrated by the lack of communication between the college and nearby residents.

Ward 2 Ann Arbor City Council member Jane Lumm sent a memo to U-M's director of community relations complaining about the lack of notice or community engagement prior to the installation.

"This project is devoid of that very essential Ann Arbor 'ethos'," Lumm said in the December letter.

"The installation came as a complete surprise to me and to the many residents in [northeast] Ann Arbor who are now writing to express their shock and dismay at the... industrialization of Plymouth Road," Lumm wrote. "How can such a large project... suddenly take shape with zero heads-up or regard for community input?"

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