Solar Arrays Common On College Campuses: Higher Education

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Colleges are adding solar arrays to reduce energy costs, show their commitment to sustainability and provide research opportunities for students.

At Oberlin College construction will begin this month on a 2.27-megawatt solar array that will be the largest photovoltaic array on any college campus in the state, college officials said.

The array, on 10 acres in the northwest corner of campus, will consist of 7,722 polycrystalline photovoltaic panels bolted to a ground-mounted tracking system. It will generate approximately three million kilowatt hours of electricity per year, enough to power 400 to 450 homes and equal to 12 percent of the college's annual consumption.

Oberlin has no money invested in the project. SPG Solar of Novato, Calif., will build the array and it will be owned by Spear Point Energy of Aspen, Colo. Oberlin will purchase power from Spear Point.

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