Social Media At A Crossroads

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These days, social media is often at the forefront of conversations and a hot topic at advancement-related conferences with sessions offering multiple opportunities to discuss tools and strategies. I suppose this is a good thing, but I also see a couple of disconcerting trends.

1. There is a cacophony of misaligned viewpoints on social media. If you attend different social media sessions at a given conference (or even at multiple conferences), you might walk away from one presenter believing that the best place to start learning about social media is to use Google alerts only to learn from a presenter in another session that Twitter is the place to go.Does this mean one presenter is wrong? Probably not. However, I do think this exposes a problem with curriculum development around social media. As a profession, we have not devised standards of practice in social media and therefore have no best practices.

2. Social is still being treated in some quarters as something “the kids” are doing. You can sense that some advancement professionals, who were never sure social media was worth worrying about, are now paying more attention but are still on the sidelines.

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