So Long, Bacon: Dallas' Paul Quinn College Bans Pork From Campus Dining

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No pork, no more. At least, that’s the message at Paul Quinn College in Dallas.

Paul Quinn, a small liberal arts college affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal Church, has nixed pork products from its campus dining facility.

Michael J. Sorrell, president of the college, told USA Today that pork would no longer be on the college’s menus because the meat can lead to higher blood pressure, cancer, sodium retention and more. "When you come to college, you come to be educated,” Sorrell said. “We thought we could do more in the area of promoting healthy lifestyle choices and healthy eating habits.”

Sorrell, last in the headlines for leading a campaign against the city's efforts to expand the McCommas Bluff Landfill near the campus, has overseen the conversion of Paul Quinn's football field into a celebrated community garden. And he knew: The efforts to ban bacon from the university would come with no small amount of criticism ... and giggling.

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