Snead State, Athens State Collaborate on Transfer Agreement

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Snead State Community College and Athens State University have partnered to develop a reverse transfer agreement that benefits students who attend both institutions.

Dr. Robert Glenn, president of ASU and Dr. Robert Exley, president of Snead State, finalized the preparations for the agreement on Tuesday. It became effective upon its signing and will remain in effect unless terminated by either institution.

“This agreement makes for closer ties between our two institutions,” Glenn said in a statement. “It also helps us meet the overall goal of President Obama’s College Completion Goral which encourages all higher education institutions to increase the number of college graduates.”

The agreement will give students who attended Snead State but transferred to ASU prior to completing their associate’s degree an opportunity to earn that community college degree. While attending ASU, university credits can be transferred back to Snead State allowing these students to complete their degree requirements without losing any university credit. 

Students are eligible for the program when they have earned at least 15 semester credits at Snead, have earned at least 3 semester credits at ASU and are in good standing at both institutions.

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