Smartphones Have Influenced Higher Education

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According to a May 2011 survey by the Nielson Company, about 37% of mobile consumers have a smartphone, with a majority of these individuals using either an Android or an Apple model. As these tools continue to grow in popularity, their influence is extending onto college campuses, where they are used for a variety of purposes.

Some schools now post Quick Response, or QR, codes around their campuses to create more interactive tours, the Chronicle of Higher Education reports. At Ohio's Wittenberg University, students can use their QR applications, or apps, to scan the black and white designs with their smartphone cameras in order to be directed to a website that features a brief history of that area on campus.

"The campus comes to life through the QR codes," Karen L. Gerboth, director of university communications, told the Chronicle.

Sarah L. Zauner, a research analyst at the Education Advisory Board, told the Chronicle that because QR codes are inexpensive to produce and easy to use, schools across the country are adding them to everything from admissions handbooks to alumni magazines.

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