SJ State Ends Admission Guarantee for Local Students

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Admission into San Jose State just got tougher.

After five decades of welcoming any local student who meets the minimum Cal State University requirements, the school is limiting admissions.

The bar must be raised starting with fall 2013 because there isn't enough money to take every applicant who meets Cal State criteria, the university system announced at a Tuesday news conference. Now it sends the proposal to the statewide administration for final approval.

The campus will keep a two-tier approach to admission, with local students getting preference over outside students. But the local students will need a higher grade-point average than the traditional 2.0 Cal State minimum -- a solid C average. Now they may need to earn a 2.3 or 2.4 GPA, San Jose State President Mohammad Qayoumi said. That's a high C average.

Local students are those from Santa Clara County high schools, or Santa Clara County and Santa Cruz County community colleges.

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