Shouldn't Chancellors of Higher Education be Educators, Too?

Lauren Williams's picture

Nothing in politics should surprise me after more than three decades in journalism, but it still makes me shake my head from time to time. Like today, for example.

Gov. Kasich today appointed Ohio's next chancellor of higher education, and it's a former small-town mayor and state representative and senator.

John Carey, who served nine years in the Ohio House and eight in the state Senate, then went to work as an assistant to the president of Shawnee State University in Portsmouth. At the Portsmouth college, which came to be in 1986 because then-House Speaker Vern Riffe wanted it, Mr. Carey worked on government relations and "strategic initiatives," according to the governor's press release.

I do not know Mr. Carey, and certainly former politicians are nothing new as appointees to this job. Jim Petro and Eric Fingerhut were the two most current chancellors, both of whom came from political careers.

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