Shipley: Tuition increase necessary

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Although it's been less than a month since state officials approved tuition increases for five West Virginia colleges, Shepherd University President Dr. Suzanne Shipley said the idea of asking for more money from students wasn't easy and wasn't something that was undertaken without a lot of collective discussion.

But it was necessary due to changing budgetary and market considerations, factors that are impacting Shepherd as well as other higher education institutions, she said.

"We've got some very interesting trends crossing each other and they simply can not be ignored," Shipley said.

"Greater federal regulations, less state support, more competition among providers for students and fewer traditional-aged students, in part because the number of college-age individuals is going down...In short, we are close to a 'perfect storm,' when it came to looking at finances," Shipley said, adding that she'd emphasized this reality to her faculty, students and staff for months and had also sought their input before any budgetary decisions were made for the 2013-14 academic year.

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