SFUAD Cuts Tuition in Four Programs: An Interview with President Larry Hinz

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Santa Fe University of Art and Design will lower tuition by 38 percent across four of its arts programs beginning in spring 2013 through spring 2014, the school announced Tuesday.

The program concentrations receiving tuition reductions are Graphic Design, Creative Writing, Digital Arts and Arts Management, which will see tuition prices drop to $17,800. Departments of Studio Art, Contemporary Music, Film/Video (Moving Image Arts), Performing Arts and Photography tuitions will stay at the current rate of $28,836 through the academic year ending spring 2014.

Moving forward “under the banner of affordability,” is how Santa Fe University president Larry Hinz characterized the decision, which extends to the school’s also eliminating course materials fees across the board for the next academic year. “That’s pretty dramatic and unique for an art-and-design school,” Hinz said.

In an interview Wednesday, Hinz stressed that the school undertook the cuts as a conscious program of recognizing “life impacts” on students, and focusing on graduating rather than simply enrolling them.

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