Several Penn State Trustees Appealing NCAA Decision

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Questioning Penn State President Rodney Erickson’s authority to accept the sanctions the NCAA brought down on the university in July, several trustees are appealing penalties they say are “excessive and unreasonable.”

Ryan McCombie, a State College resident and newly elected board member, is leading the effort, which includes asking the NCAA for a chance to submit an appeal in writing and argue the case in person before the Infractions Appeals Committee.

“The NCAA violated the fundamental procedural due process rights of the Appellants, as well as The Pennsylvania State University, by completely failing to follow its own established rules and procedures, by failing to have an investigation conducted by members of the enforcement staff or outside counsel familiar with the NCAA’s investigative standards... and by relaying upon the results of an internal investigation (the Freeh Report) that was never intended as a foundational platform for punitive action by the NCAA,” reads the letter from attorney Paul V. Kelly, of Boston, to the NCAA.

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