Service Connects HS Counselors and Admissions Reps in Live Online Chats

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CollegeWeek has introduced the CollegeWeekLive Advisor Center, a resource designed specifically to connect high school counselors with college admissions professionals.

The Advisor Center provides school counselors with the planning and management tools needed to successfully guide students through the college readiness process, and for the first time, school counselors will be able to request online meetings for their students with 300+ colleges through the Advisor Center.

In addition, school counselors can download lesson plans that complement their high school college readiness curriculum at every stage, and the Advisor Center offers a deep catalog of engaging videos featuring experts presenting on admissions topics ranging from preparing for standardized tests to college application essay writing to finding financial aid. School counselors can also access materials to help them publicize CollegeWeekLive free online admission events to their students and their families.

“Our students are only able to interview in person with the handful of colleges that choose to come to visit our school, when they could be considering a wider range of colleges to attend,” said Mr. Terry Henry, College Admissions Coordinator at Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis, Indiana. “With the CollegeWeekLive Advisor Center, my students will be able to chat online with admissions representatives from a much broader range of colleges and universities than ever before.”

Despite $300,000 to $3 million spent annually on staff and travel to high schools, colleges reach just 10% of high schools and reach a smaller fraction of college-bound students through visits to high schools. Sending admissions staff to visit high schools is expensive and time consuming for colleges, and is not effective in a wired world.

“We always look forward to new and innovative ways to connect with counselors and students,” said Toni Riley, Assistant Director of Recruitment for Texas Tech University. “Schedules are always hectic, but getting that one-on-one time with a counselor and/or student is invaluable as we guide them through the admissions process and the transition to Texas Tech University.”

School counselors can now request online visits with colleges that their students have expressed interest in via the Advisor Center. Counselors can also create a “favorites” list of colleges that are of particular interest to their students, and will be automatically notified when those colleges are available for live conversations at CollegeWeekLive. If you are a school counselor that would like to register for the CollegeWeekLive Advisor Center, you can register for free. If you are a school counselor who has already registered for CollegeWeekLive, there is no need to register separately for Advisor Center. Simply use your existing user name and password to login to the CollegeWeekLive Advisor Center.

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