"Serve from American Express" and Chegg Partner to Give College Students a New Way to Receive Payments for Selling Textbooks

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Serve from American Express announced today it has entered into an agreement with Chegg, the student hub, to empower students to better manage their finances. Through this agreement, customers of Chegg, which connects students to the tools they need like homework help, scholarships, eTextbook and textbook options and more, will be able to receive payments through the company’s textbook buyback program exclusively through Serve from American Express. Students quickly gain access to the money that Chegg pays them for textbooks by sending funds to their Serve Digital Prepaid Account.

“We are delighted to be working with Chegg and to have the opportunity to extend American Express benefits to students without the hassle of credit checks or hidden fees,” said Stefan Happ, senior vice president and general manager of Online and Mobile, American Express.

Using Serve from American Express to get paid back for books sold through Chegg is simple: a student visits the Chegg website, requests and agrees to a quote for the books they would like to sell, and prints a shipping label to send their books to Chegg. The student will then be directed to sign up for Serve from American Express within the Chegg website, and a Serve prepaid Card will be directly shipped to them. Buyback funds will be sent from Chegg within 24-hours of processing the book. Once the student receives their Serve Card in the mail and activates it, they can use the newly available funds to transfer money between friends with Serve accounts, make an ATM withdrawal or to safely and securely shop virtually anywhere American Express Cards are accepted.

“Going to college requires many transitions for students; one of the most important is developing good financial habits. We are thrilled to partner with Serve and help students manage their money using a trusted digital account,” said Elizabeth Harz, vice president of business development for Chegg. “Saving students time, money and helping them get smarter is what Chegg is all about. Teaming with Serve helps us deliver on this charter and provides American Express an authentic connection to this important and influential audience of 18 to 24 year olds.”

Chegg customers who open a Serve Account and make a purchase with their Serve Card between today and August 30, 2013 will receive a $10 credit. Serve from American Express allows consumers to exchange and spend money in a variety of ways — by sending their friends money online or with a smartphone, making a purchase with a physical Serve Card or purchasing goods online — all under a single account. Serve Account holders receive access to benefits such as Purchase Protection, Roadside Assistance, Entertainment Access and Global Assist Services.

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