Scott Says "No" to House Plan Raising Tuition

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Governor Rick Scott says he won't go along with the Florida House on a proposal to raise tuition by six percent for students in state universities and colleges.

The increase will be included in the budget documents released by the House appropriations subcommittees later this week. Scott on Tuesday said he's adamantly opposed to a tuition hike.

"This is a tax. It's a tax on students. It's a tax on families. So we can't be raising the cost to get a higher education in this state," he said.

The Senate is expected to side with the Governor.

Senate Education Appropriations Chairman Bill Galvano told the Lakeland Ledger the Senate will not include a tuition increase in its budget proposal.

The State University System requested $118 million from lawmakers in exchange for not raising tuition. The Senate includes that money in its proposal while the House does not. Both chambers are planning to restore $300 million that was taken from the schools last year.

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