Schools Of Education Thriving Despite The Market

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When Jodi Bell enrolled in Miami Dade College’s bachelor in education program, she thought she had chosen a recession-proof career and expected to land a job in special education upon graduation.

But while she’s been in school, the job market has shrunk. Broward County laid off 1,400 teachers this spring; Dade was able to balance its budget without slashing teacher jobs, but a few hundred non-instructional positions were cut.

But Bell, who is expected to graduate in May 2012, is still optimistic she’ll land a job in her chosen career.

“I’m willing to move for a job, I’m not tied down to this area,” Bell said. “I’m optimistic, I’m doing well in my program and my program is good.”

Indeed, local colleges say the number of students majoring in education is thriving, despite the news about teachers losing their jobs, salaries being frozen, and changes to the way teachers are being evaluated and paid.

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