Scality And Teamdrive Announce Secure And Scalable File-Sharing And Synchronization Solution For Private Clouds

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Organic storage pioneer Scality and synchronization and collaboration specialist TeamDrive today announced the integration of Scality's cloud storage with TeamDrive's secure synchronization and collaboration solution. The result, a complete file-sharing and synchronization solution for private clouds, is aimed squarely at customers that want to provide a high degree of collaboration functionality and mobility, while also maintaining total security of data by encrypting data transfer and keeping it on their own infrastructure.

"Today's agile enterprise needs to find ways to enable its people to share documents easily, which is a real challenge to do securely. While there are public cloud offerings for sharing, many enterprises are required to maintain total control of their data and keep it from leaving their network - no matter how secure that public cloud appears to be. The service offered by Scality and TeamDrive delivers a secure, cost-efficient and user-friendly alternative," said Jérôme Lecat, Scality's CEO.

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