Sandoval Says No More Education Cuts

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Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval said Tuesday he won't cut education or other vital state services in his upcoming budget proposal and he will extend sunsetting taxes to balance the books.

"I'm not going to cut K-12 or higher education," the first-term Republican told reporters after a Board of Examiners meeting.

Sandoval campaigned on a no-tax stance and took heat from conservative members of his party when he agreed late in the 2011 legislative session to keep about $620 million in temporary taxes that were set to expire.

But critics Tuesday appeared to fall in step with the popular governor, at least in theory.

"I support Gov. Sandoval and his budget instructions that will not impose new taxes on the people of Nevada," Sen. Michael Roberson, R-Las Vegas, said in a statement.

Roberson voted against last year's budget largely because of the extension of taxes that would have expired June 30, 2011.

Roberson said he'll "continue to fight against new tax increases" while working with the governor to improve education. "I will not support additional cuts to public education," he said.

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