Salary Increases on the Rise at State Universities

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Tuition isn’t the only expense on the rise this year at Pennsylvania colleges — faculty salaries are, too.

The state-related universities— Pennsylvania State University, or Penn State; University of Pittsburgh, or Pitt; Temple University and Lincoln University — took a 19 percent cut in state funding this year, losing $63 million, $31.2 million, $32.82 million and $2.62 million, respectively. The 14 Pennsylvania State System of Education, or PASSHE, universities are taking a cut of 14.5 percent, or about $70 million.

Yet, faculty salaries also are on an upward trajectory at Pitt and Temple.

Pitt is giving a 2-percent pay hike for all employees earning less than $40,000 a year, effective immediately. All other employees will get a 2-percent increase in January.

John Fedele, associate director of news at Pitt, said the university hopes to retain faculty by giving the pay hikes.

“It’s important for the university to retain employees,” said Fedele. “We have a very good school here; we want to help keep those people here.”

Pitt not only is competing with other universities, but also with the private sector, Fedele said, making the wage hikes necessary.

“I would not consider a 2-percent salary increase egregious,” said Fedele.

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