Rutgers Steps Up Efforts To Go Global, Attract Foreign Students

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More than 145 years ago, a young Japanese samurai named Kusakabe Taro made his way to the shores of the Raritan River to study math and science as the first-ever international student at Rutgers University.

Since then, Rutgers has welcomed tens of thousands of foreign scholars and regularly sent its own students and professors to study overseas. But New Jersey’s state university has gradually fallen behind similar-sized colleges in reaching out to the rest of the world.

Now, Rutgers wants to get a lot more global. The university is stepping up efforts to attract foreign students, offer study abroad programs and start international partnerships, according to a new report.

The university will focus its efforts on five countries — Brazil, China, India, Indonesia and Liberia — to tap into nations with young populations open to collaborations with a U.S. university.

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