Rutgers President McCormick Says University Would Not Give Up Camden Campus If Given A Choice

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As dozens of Rutgers-Camden students protested a recommended merger with Rowan University outside the Statehouse, Rutgers President Richard McCormick today said the proposal is not the only way the state can improve access to higher education and intensify research in South Jersey.

"That recommendation is difficult for Rutgers," McCormick said. "The Camden campus has been an integral part of the university for more than 60 years." He instead suggested formalized collaboration between the schools.

"Given our choice, if we could pick and choose among the recommendations of the UMDNJ Advisory Committee, we would not want to turn over the Rutgers-Camden campus to Rowan University," he said.

McCormick was among three university presidents to testify at a Senate Higher Education Committee hearing today on the recommendations of the UMDNJ Advisory Committee, which has proposed sweeping changes to advance medical education in New Jersey.

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