Rutgers-Newark Protests Funding Inequities, Adding to Pressure on President Barchi

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As if Rutgers University President Robert Barchi did not have enough to handle with the fallout from the basketball scandal, he is also facing a growing revolt on the school’s Newark campus.

Rutgers-Newark faculty and students have been mobilizing in recent weeks to protest what they say is chronic underfunding of their campus in favor of the university’s main campus in New Brunswick. They have been especially critical of Barchi, who has been accused of further alienating the 12,000-student Newark campus in his first few months as president by minimizing their concerns.

During an Assembly Budget Committee hearing in Newark Tuesday, Rutgers-Newark administrators and professors told lawmakers their students are getting short-changed under the current funding system.

"We’ve been getting so little money, and we deal with it," said Belinda Edmondson, head of Rutgers-Newark’s women’s and gender studies department. "We’re not asking for more than our fair share. We’re asking for our fair share."

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