Rutgers Investigating Satirical Newspaper Article As Anti-Semitic Bias Incident

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A satirical student newspaper is under investigation by Rutgers University after publishing a column in praise of Adolf Hitler and attributing it to a Jewish student activist, Rutgers President Richard McCormick said in a statement.

An article titled "What about the good things Hitler did?" appeared in The Medium last week alongside Rutgers student Aaron Marcus' name and photo. A self-described Zionist, Marcus told My9 News that the article was hurtful to him and his family, adding that some of his relatives died in the Holocaust.

"To say anything praiseworthy of someone like Hitler, and to have people actually believe it was coming from me, even in a satirical manner, is just really painful," Marcus told My9. It's unclear whether Marcus intends to file a libel suit.

Federal courts have extended "broad protection" to student media, McCormick said in his statement, but The Medium article went too far. It is "particularly despicable," he added, in light of Marcus' Jewish faith.

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