Rutgers Freshmen Could Be Required To Live On New Brunswick-Piscataway Campus For Two Years, Starting In 2014

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Beginning in 2014, Rutgers University freshmen who want to get their own off-campus apartment or live in a house with friends may be out of luck.

The state university is preparing to enact a rule requiring incoming freshmen on the New Brunswick-Piscataway campus to live in Rutgers dorms or apartments for at least two years, school officials said Wednesday. Transfer students will also be required to live on campus for one year.

Exceptions will be made for freshmen who want to live with their parents and commute, students with religious reasons for living off campus, married students and older students.

But undergraduates who want to move off campus into an apartment with friends during their freshmen or sophomore year will likely be told "no" by a campus housing board, said Gregory Blimling, Rutgers’ vice president for student affairs.

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