Rutgers-Camden Faculty, Alumni See 'Plummeting' Admissions Numbers Following Rowan University Merger Chatter

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Current Rutgers University Law Professor Adam Scales candidly said he’d never have returned the recruitment call from its Camden campus had he known there was a chance of a merger with Rowan University.

Scales — a 14-year teacher at Maryland’s Washington and Lee University before he left for Camden — said he, and many others looking to forge an education or take another step in their career, are reconsidering Rutgers-Camden as their first choice since chatter of the campus’ fold into the Rowan made headlines in January.

“There’s no possibility I would’ve returned the call,” Scales said Tuesday during an editorial board meeting with the Gloucester County Times. “Right now, our [law school] admissions numbers are plummeting. Applications have dried up. The last figures I looked at about three weeks ago showed we were down 22 percent from last year.”

Margaret Marsh, former Dean of Arts and Sciences and interim Chancellor of the Camden school, believes Rowan and Rutgers-Camden are both great institutions, but too different to become one.

“Camden would become a ghost town,” said Marsh, now a history professor at the endangered campus.

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