Rowan University Expansion Increases Tensions With Glassboro Residents

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Robert Hess leaves two trash bins outside his house: one for his family and another for Rowan University students who live nearby.
A few years ago, his son, then 5, was playing barefoot in the front yard when he stepped on a broken bottle, presumably left by an inconsiderate student. "I remember pulling glass out of his feet," Hess, 38, said Tuesday.
His situation reflects the relatively new reality Glassboro residents face.
While the borough trumpets redevelopment efforts and new attractions downtown, students are increasingly living in the town's residential areas - partly as a result of the construction. That has inflamed tensions between longtime residents and the students, with whom they had limited contact in years past.
Some students say they have tried to strike up a rapport with their neighbors, who they say tend not to reciprocate. The police chief suggests the perception of wildly unruly students is overblown.

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