Ricoh unveils package retrieval service to help enhance student experience

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At the National Association of College Auxiliary Services (NACAS) East 2013 Regional Conference in Gettysburg, PA, Ricoh Americas Corporation today announced a unique solution to these package delivery challenges with the University Kiosk for Higher Education service, which automates student notification and pickup for an improved experience all around. In one customer setting, the service shortened average student wait times from more than 20 minutes to less than two.

“The Ricoh inbound package kiosk solution has dramatically improved our student experience,” said Lehigh University’s Mark Ironside, Executive Director of University Business Services. “Students’ time is valuable; now they come in, get their package and go happily on their way. We’re more efficient, and everyone’s delighted with the service Ricoh provides.”

The service is the latest example of Ricoh’s Business Information Solutions approach, which tailors services to customers’ most pressing business challenges.

How it works

Mail center employees receive and digitally scan a package when it arrives, generating an e-mail alert to the student and recording the package’s location within the mail center. When ready to pick up, the student visits the mail center and swipes his/her student ID card at the kiosk. The mail center staff is alerted visually and audibly that a student has arrived, and LCD touchscreen monitors display the student’s name as well as the location and other information about the package.

The mail center staffer retrieves the package based on the information displayed on the touchscreens and brings it to the service desk, where the student shows ID, signs on an electronic signature pad and leaves with his or her package.


“This solution is proving to be a game changer as more students order books, electronics and everyday products online,” said Renaud Rodrigue, National Director, Higher Education Market at Ricoh Americas Corporation. “Students get their packages promptly, operational costs are reduced, we know exactly where the packages are at all times, and overall the solution creates a positive student experience.”


The University Kiosk for Higher Education service is based on Ricoh’s TRAC solution®, a Web-based centralized reporting tool that documents every package’s chain of custody and measures mailroom performance. In one installation, nearly 100,000 packages were delivered without a single lost package.


In many cases, Ricoh staffs mail centers with Ricoh Managed Document Services personnel. The company has more than 20 years of mail center operations expertise and more than 1,000 mail management customers. For more information visit