Review: Change How U of Illinois's Enrollment Is Managed

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How students apply and are accepted and awarded financial aid at the University of Illinois could change in the coming years, after a comprehensive review commissioned by President Michael Hogan.

It is not clear yet what specific changes will be adopted, but faculty across all three campuses have been busy reviewing a detailed report with almost two dozen recommendations prepared for Hogan by outside consultants. So far not everyone has endorsed the plan.

One action does seem likely: the hiring of a university administrator who would oversee any changes to come.

Earlier this year, Hogan asked two enrollment administrators from outside the UI — Lee Melvin, with whom Hogan worked at the University of Connecticut and who is now at Cornell University, and Kedra Ishop, an admissions administrator at the University of Texas at Austin — to review and report on how all three campuses handle what's called enrollment management. That includes recruiting and building a freshman class, developing financial aid packages and the transferring of students from one college or campus to another.

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