Returning Students Urged To Be Good Neighbors

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College students will once again flood Burlington's streets before classes next week. As they do, university and city officials, police, and the students' future neighbors will deliver welcome bags and messages on how to be a good neighbor.

Welcome bag contents are designed to inform students about personal safety and being a responsible community member. The bags include an "Off Campus Living Survival Guide" that provides information on city ordinances and crime prevention tips, a "Renting in Vermont" brochure, an off-campus resource refrigerator magnet and a bike map among other things.

To head off any community disruption with the influx, educational campaigns are under way at the University of Vermont, and city and campus police have teamed up to enforce ordinances designed to maintain a high quality of life in Burlington.

Jenny Davis is a community development specialist at the Burlington's Community and Economic Development Office. She said the most common complaints as students move back are about noise, trash and parking. Those complaints come largely from the city's downtown and hill sections (Wards 1 and 6), where students live.

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