Report Paints Mixed Picture Of UW-Madison

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When the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents meets later this week, it will for the first time be presented with a separate, Legislature-mandated performance report on UW-Madison in addition to the one regents typically see annually for the 13-campus university system.

Both reports were released publicly late Monday. At first glance, they paint a picture of the flagship UW-Madison campus living up to its reputation, with students more likely to stay put from freshman to sophomore year, more likely to graduate in six years and more likely to say they'd recommend the school to others when they're done.

"UW-Madison is by far the more selective, competitive campus with respect to freshman admissions," said David Giroux, spokesman for UW System. "It ends up serving a very different population of students compared to most other UW System campuses."

One area where it appears to lag: keeping its students in Wisconsin and preventing a "brain drain" to other states. Among UW-Madison students graduating in 2002, 61 percent who were Wisconsin residents while enrolled still lived in Wisconsin. The number drops dramatically for out-of-state students: just 8 percent called Wisconsin home a decade after graduation.

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