Report on Higher Education calls for massive change in California's master plan

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The Little Hoover Commission, an independent state oversight agency, has released its report on higher education and calls on the governor and state legislature to alter its Master Plan for Higher Education in order to prepare for the state's future needs.

According to the report, California will need 2.3 million more graduates with a degree or certificate in a field by 2025, of which at least a million need to be baccalaureate degrees. What this translates into is a massive 40% increase in graduate output amongst the state's public and private colleges.

"California’s leaders must start the discussion about how to change the system to meet the state’s current and future civic and workforce needs with the finite financial resources it has," said Jonathan Shapiro, Chairman of the Commission, in a letter to the governor and state legislature. "This will require shifting the discussion from what it costs an institution to educate each student each year to what it costs to produce a degree. California must be able to answer whether is it getting what it needs for what it is spending on higher education."

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